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About us

Kalteq was established in 2004 and has even since an unbroken and undaunted history in the medical technology industry in Greece. This has been possible due to our sincere efforts to market innovative, safe, value adding, technologies with commitment to business excellence, integrity, respect and responsibility.

At Kalteq we share the common goal to contribute impactfully in improving health and quality of life for patients through enabling and supporting the access and usage of innovative medical technologies and pharmaceutical therapies. We are focusing on the hospital specialty business and through reliable partnerships we are committed to delivering consistent quality to our customers.

Our portfolio in pharmaceuticals & medical technologies is diversified and comprehensive, with solutions in the fields of general surgery, urology, gynecology, neurosurgery, head-neck-spine surgery, ear-nose-throat surgery, cardiosurgery, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, neurovascular surgery, neuromodulation, neuromonitoring, oncology, and pain management.



Our Vision is to impactfully contribute in providing the best possible care to patients in hospitals and at home via enabling, facilitating and supporting the usage of innovative and trusted medical technologies and pharmaceutical therapies by healthcare providers. We aspire to be highly trusted and knowledgeable experts to physicians, reliable and efficient partners to manufacturers and ultimately to generate through our work significant value for patients and society.

Our purpose is to identify and make available to healthcare providers the most valuable and innovative medical technologies and pharmaceutical therapies. Throughout this quest we invest effort, time and talent in developing the product expertise, the operating excellence and the trusted partnerships, that will maximize our impact in the paramount work of physicians and, ultimately, in the life of patients.





Kalteq is passionately committed to meeting significant patient and healthcare provider needs and improving people’s lives by marketing and distributing innovative medical technologies and pharmaceutical therapies and delivering unsurpassed supporting services.

Our Core Values



We are committed to our purpose and inspired by our vision to become better every day. We evolve consistently as a company and as individual professionals by enhancing our capabilities, learning from our experiences and searching passionately for new opportunities to be of service. We invest in talent, effort and time to build and leverage the partnerships that will fuel our common growth, guided always by our shared purpose and mission. We are consistently questing for excellence and innovation. Guided by our love for knowledge and our open mind, we aim continuously to make a significant positive impact in the health and wellbeing of patients and the welfare of our society.


We understand and value our role as professional individuals in the realization of our vision. We aim primarily to improve the health and quality of life of patients and thus respond to their and the healthcare providers’ needs with a strong sense of responsibility. We strive to be reliable partners through honesty, drive and ownership. We address challenges dynamically and commit to being and doing our best when providing our services. We always act with integrity and courage. We are aware of our responsibility towards the society and the environment and we adopt and establish the practices that contribute impactfully in their protection and support.



We respect, value and honor our colleagues, our partners, healthcare professionals and patients with whom we collaborate. We communicate openly, we share our expertise and our ideas and aspire to be useful to everyone working with us, to add value with our actions, to grow, learn and become better together. We commit to building the essential foundations that foster impactful collaborations with our partners and our customers. We embrace ambition and we actively quest it in our capabilities and perspectives, as it enhances creativity and enables better decision-making and break-through business innovation. We offer support to each other, we acknowledge and celebrate each individual’s contribution, we lead through purpose and inclusion.


Trust is the foundation of everything we do and the most valuable asset of our company. We earn this trust by acting with integrity and transparency, by honoring our commitments, and by cultivating open and honest communication in all of our relationships. We value the trust that our partners, customers, and patients place in us and commit to being and doing consistently our best. We maintain high ethical standards and we address our partners’ and customers’ needs with the utmost openness, clarity and reliability. We believe firmly in the potential of our people and we create the environment and conditions that will enable them to unfold their talents and abilities and, thus, maximize their contribution to the vision that connects and motivates us.



Kalteq complies fully with the EU regulations and standards and is certified in every aspect and part of its business by the relevant bodies for quality, processes and business conduct elements. Furthermore our TRACE certification demonstrates our commitment to commercial transparency, allowing us to serve as a valued business partner to multinational companies.

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
Submission Policy & Management of Reports & Complaints (Whistleblowing)
Adopting measures & regulations on harassment and violence at work