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Company Focus

Minimally Invasive Solutions

Minimally Invasive Solutions are steadily increasing in specialties like general surgery, urology and gynaecology, as it is associated with less pain, shorter hospital stay and fewer complications.

Kalteq markets and distributes products of many internationally well-known manufacturers, including: Johnson&Johnson (Endosurgery products and Energy devices, Ethicon – Surgical Sutures and Hemostatics), Combat Group (Thermotherapy), Lagis (Laparoscopic instruments), Meccellis Biotech (Biologic implants), PFM Medical (Hernia Repair titanized meshes), THT Biosciences (swing meshes).

Head, Neck & Spine

Head, Neck and Spine Surgery can treat a variety of conditions via neurosurgical procedures and interventional neuroradiology.

Kalteq markets and distributes products of many internationally well-known manufacturers, including: Bioventus-Misonix (Ultrasonic Surgical Devices), Sophysa (Neurosurgical devices), IsoTis (Ortho-biologics), American Surgical Company (Neurosurgical Patties), Biopsybell Medica (Kyphoplasty kits), Collagen Matrix (Dural Repair), Evonos (Neurosurgical Products), Kirwan (Microsurgical products), Poriferous (Biomaterial Implants) , GVB-geliMED (Intraoperative neuromonitoring).


At KALTEQ, our mission is to improve the world and enable patients to live their lives with the highest possible quality. With this mindset, we added to the KALTEQ family the products of DePuySynthes, the orthopedic division of JnJ.

DePuySynthes offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of orthopedic surgical products in the world, with solutions specializing in hip, knee, and shoulder reconstructive surgery, as well as products for addressing musculoskeletal and craniomaxillofacial fractures.

In hip arthroplasty, the products include Corail, Summit, Trilock, Actis, Pinnacle, and Bimentum.

In knee arthroplasty, the products are Attune and Sigma.

In shoulder arthroplasty, the products include Delta xtend and Global Unite.

In the treatment of fractures, a complete range of Synthes materials is utilized.

CardioVascular Solutions

CardioVascular Solutions (CVS) are innovative solutions for treating complex peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease and heart disease. Along with our Cardiosurgery portfolio, as well as our dedicated Interventional Neurovascular portfolio, our recently established CVS department aims to address compelling medical needs in cardiovascular therapies.

Kalteq markets and distributes products of internationally well-known manufacturers, including: Abbott (Cardiosurgery products), Biosense Webster (Electrophysiology products) and Balt (Interventional Neurovascular products).

ENT surgery

ENT surgery focuses on surgically treating disorders of the ears, nose, and throat. This type of surgery is performed by physicians trained to treat patients with issues pertaining to the ear, nose, throat and structures of the neck and head.

Kalteq markets and distributes products of many internationally well-known manufacturers including: Storz (ENT Products and Navigation), Gelita (Hemostatic Products), BONSS (Plasma Surgical System), EON Meditech (ENT Medical Products), GVB-geliMED (Intraoperative neuromonitoring), Johnson&Johnson (Energy devices and Hemostatics), Kirwan (Microsurgical products) and Poriferous (Biomaterial Implants).


Cancer represents the main cause of life loss in developed countries and its treatment can cause physical symptoms and side effects. Treatment can also cause emotional, social and financial effects. Τreating these effects is an important part of care, that is essential along with treatments to slow, stop or cure the cancer.

Kalteq markets and distributes  products of internationally well-known manufacturers, including Evive Biopharmaceuticals (Chemo-induced Neutropenia).

Pain management

Pain management covers a number of methods to prevent, reduce or stop pain sensations. Pain management with devices concerns hospital treatment for the implantation, replacement or other surgical management of a device required for the treatment of pain.

Kalteq markets and distributes products of internationally well-known manufacturers, including: Metrum Cryoflex (Cryo-neurolysis), Stimwave Technologies (Implantable Neurostimulators) and Biopsybell Medical (Lipo-stem).

Home Health Care

Home Health Care comprises of a wide range of health care services provided at your home for an illness or injury. It is usually less expensive, more convenient, and for certain cases just as effective as care in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility.

Kalteq markets and distributes products of internationally well-known manufacturers, including: Hartmann (Wound dressings), Convatec (Catheters & ostomy care) and B. Braun (Catheters)