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Our People

Our employees are constantly seeking to make a positive impact on the lives of people in need of care, through supporting healthcare providers reliably and efficiently, with the latest medical technologies and with the foremost service excellence and reliability. For all of our employees, part of their personal mission is to enable providers to improve outcomes for patients, families and communities.

As a team, we pursue continuous business growth and remain committed to a long-term, sustainable, and responsible vision. We strive to be the leader in our markets and we continue to be an industry reference for quality and performance. We are comprehensive in our offering and our solutions aim to cover the entire spectrum of client needs, as a one-stop-shop.

Kalteq is committed to developing exceptional professionals. We are employing individuals with passion for making a difference and for exceling. Our team comprises of experienced sales and application specialists teamed up with a new generation of passionate, self-motivated, business-minded professionals aspiring to excel and be at the top of the endeavors they pursue.

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in respect for all and an unwavering commitment to- and passion for our work.

We are proud of what we do. We aspire to strive with the utmost effort and strong determination to meet the challenge of combining our individual competencies to deliver value to patients, business partners and customers. We are an enthusiastic champion in the fight against disease and pain, alongside with patients, their families, and healthcare providers.

We are proud of how we do it. We value collaboration, creativity and compassion, as we are driven to deliver innovative treatment options to health care providers looking after people in need for medical care. The unique qualities that each person and every voice contribute to our culture are valued, and we strive to foster and maintain an environment of purpose driven excellence and high performance.

Our business pillars

Customer Focus

We measure ourselves and our actions through the lens of our customers. We aim to consistently improve customer experience through our systems, services and processes. We build strong relationships with our customers and make good use of customer insights to uncover new growth.


We strive for strategic focus and operational excellence to drive productivity and enable the improvements that make a difference for our people, our customers and our purpose. We aim to identify unmet needs and address the challenges of a changing market through expertise, agility and innovation.

People-centred Mindset

Our employees share passionately our purpose, to improve people’s lives by supporting healthcare providers in an outstanding way. They are essential to the success of the organization. We strive to build and retain a strong team by consistently investing in our people through capabilities building and by creating fair and solid development opportunities.


Innovation is at the core of our business, enabling us to provide our customers with the superior and differentiated solutions they need in their demanding work. In this quest, we search out new ways and continuously identify opportunities for partnerships that will bring significant value to healthcare providers and patients.


Bringing value to our customers by delivering safe and qualitative products is at the heart of what we do. We strive to ensure the quality of our products portfolio by developing strong partnerships with top companies of the industry and by having the processes in place to share information fast and effectively.

Board Team

Kalteq is headed by a group of passionate individuals who are committed to bringing new therapies to patients. The teams experienced business leaders are committed to commercializing extraordinary medical technologies in extraordinary business ways.

Panos Kalafatas

MD, BBA, MBA, PhD Cheif Executive Officer & Founder

Dr. Panos Kalafatas is the active Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Kalteq Group of Companies since 2003.

Panos is driven by his passion for business and his belief that it is People that form the heart and soul of his Organization and Corporate Vision.

Panos is an experienced entrepreneur, business owner and Leader. With thirty-five years of experience both in Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices fields, prior to forming his company, he served for more than 15 years, as a Sales, Marketing, Business Development expert. His experience as a Sales Executive in Multinational Companies such as GE, Olympus, Toshiba, Pfizer, Tyco, AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly, gave him the necessary tools to gain deep knowledge of the Healthcare Market and the Know-how to run his own successful business and make Kalteq Group a key-player Business Leading Company both in Greece & Cyprus.

Dimitris Kiriakou

BBA & MSc Chief Commercial Officer

Dimitris Kiriakou has been with Kalteq since the company’s foundation in 2003. Dimitris combines extensive experience in the Healthcare Industry and a strong commitment to advancing healthcare via innovative technologies. He has contributed massively in the establishment of impactful partnerships with vendors and healthcare providers and the setup of a strong products portfolio, that led to the growth of the company’s core business units.

Dimitris is a holder of a BSc in Marketing from Northumbria University in Newcastle. As the Commercial Director of Kalteq, he leads a highly skilled sales team, orchestrates key strategies and their implementation and provides his valuable consultation on market and partnering opportunities.

Stathis Lymperopoulos

BSc & MSc Chief Financial Officer

Stathis is a highly skilled executive with an extensive background in Business Finance and Commercial operations roles within Multinational companies and especially in the Pharmaceutical Sector. Highly expert in designing and implementing processes within the Finance Department, led and implemented local and Global Projects.

Possesses proven experience on Change Management Projects and Business Strategic Planning Management. Holder of an MSc. in Accounting & Finance from a reputable UK University and a BSc in Finance Management. Member of the Economic Chamber of Greece with A’ signatory right for Balance Sheet.

Vivie Apostolou

BSc & MSc HR & Operations Director

Vivie is an experienced HR Professional with over 20 years of experience, internal coach with focus on change management, talent development employee relations. Extensive experience in Banking, Pharmaceuticals, FMCGs and Travel sectors. Mastery in: Recruitment, Employee development, Learning Management, Talent Resourcing, Development and Succession plans, Performance, Internal communications, HR Business Partnering, HR Policies development, Employee Compensation, Incentives and Benefits Management, Employee relations, Employee surveys, Employer branding, CSR, HR Audits and Controls as well as Merge & Acquisitions and Greek labor laws and regulations .

Professional accreditations: LPI _ Institute Leadership and Management ,ACCC Coach  , MS in HRM & BS in Organizational Behavior .

Highly energetic and self-motivated who can manage a varied workload and be involved in every aspect of Human Resources. “Committed to what’s right not what’s easy”

Assists organizations by understanding the business’ strategic needs and identifying opportunities to improve organization capability, employee engagement and well-being through deployment and implementation of HR policies, programs and processes whilst ensuring alignment with the business roadmap and people agenda.


Evangelos Voukelatos

MBA Marketing & Communications Director

Evangelos Voukelatos is a dedicated and results-oriented professional with expertise in strategic marketing and proven competence in transformational leadership. He has extensive experience in downstream marketing and sales and with over 17 years of proven success in developing and executing strategies to drive business growth and brand visibility.

Evangelos is certified by Marketing Academy, IEDC – Bled School of Management and MBA certification holder from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has extensive experience in marketing, sales and customer excellence roles, gained in multinational companies across functions and jurisdictions in medical devices industry.

Ethics and Responsibility

Ethical behavior and corporate responsibility is a core part of our work and extends beyond our commitment to the commercialization of medical technologies. We strive to have a positive impact on our partners, our customers, our employees, our local environment and society at large.

We hold and apply strict national and international codes of business conducts and certifications. We also aim to make a positive impact and give back to the communities in which we live and work through employee volunteerism and corporate giving.

Our Principles

The well-being of Patients is our purpose

We strive for and ensure top quality of our products and services. We lead a consistent quest for better solutions in alleviating pain and improving health and quality of life for patients. We are committed to excellent knowledge of our products and we aim for excellence of operational execution in everything we do. We safeguard the proper and consistent management of risks and we ensure the dissemination of quality related info to manufacturers and customers, aiming to protect and promote patient safety. We strive for equal access to healthcare for all patients. We therefore focus on efficient and responsible management of our stocks and logistics, as well as on the top-quality services. We safeguard the privacy of patients and maintain the required and legitimate info, that is being made available to us during our business practises, with utmost confidentiality and integrity. We commit to doing our utmost to ensure our business continuity in the event of an emergency or significant business disruption, aiming to support the patients and healthcare professionals in difficult situations with responsibility and integrity.

Our People are at the heart of the organization

We treat our people fair. We make sure to provide fair wages, we evaluate people fairly and provide equal opportunities. We ensure and foster healthy and ethical working conditions, free of any type of unlawful harassment or offensive conduct. We enable and inspire our people to develop further and support them in this direction. We seek and embrace diversity and cultivate a culture of inclusion. we never discriminate people based on nationality, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability; we are against silos. We support and encourage our people to speak up and we foster psychological safety.We respect and protect the confidentiality of the employees’ personal information. We limit access to this information to authorized roles with a legitimate business need and commit to follow the standards for its use, transmission, storage and disposal. We value and expect individual responsibility. We work with integrity and lead by example. Especially managers are expected to lead with integrity, to ensure fair conduct among their teams, to promote based on skills, capabilities and potential and not driven by personal interests.

We value our Partners and Customers and honour our Collaborations

We act with utmost respect in all our relationships with customers and partners and honour our commitments. We value the business information and the data privacy of our partners and customers and treat this information with utmost confidentiality and respect. We focus on excellent customer satisfaction, driven by our knowledge, effort and integrity. We do not tolerate bribery or corruption. We commit to fair competition in all our transactions. We adhere to the legislation and regulatory framework that apply in our industry and to local laws. We evaluate our 3rd party partners and expect them to adhere to the ethical standards we do.

We respect and protect our Company

We use company’s resources reasonably and responsibly. We value and safeguard our assets and tools and use them for the appropriate business purposes. We protect and don’t share critical company information with others. We protect mobile devices from theft, we secure confidential and sensitive data and we ensure our conversations are not overheard. We are cautious with all relationships and actions, that may lead to real or perceived conflicts of interest and consider risks and preventive actions thoroughly. We are aware of and respect the limitations with regards to gifts and expenses related to our customers, partners and 3rd parties. We disclose to HR actual or potential conflicts and personal relationships that might interfere with our business interests. We do not compromise our financial integrity. We maintain accurate and timely financial information and ensure controls over our financial reporting and records.

We value our World and give back to Society

We strive to ensure the respect of human rights in everything we do. We follow all applicable wage laws, including minimum wage and over-hours compensations. We aim to contribute to the welfare of the society by our participation in social and philanthropic actions and programs. We strive to contribute in the protection of our environment through the adoption of environmentally friendly practices. We make efficient use of our resources and aim to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.